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Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

The worst times can...

The worst times can be the best times
By Donald Sull Published: November 30 2008 19:22 | Last updated: November 30 2008 19:22
The world has changed. After years of benign economic conditions, the four horsemen of financial apocalypse – credit crunch, recession, volatility and uncertainty – are blazing a trail across the horizon. Executives must now reassess their organisation’s agenda and communicate it clearly. If history is a guide, most will frame the current conditions as a threat and take action to protect what they have. Mitigating threats in tough markets is prudent, but companies that adopt a defensive position ignore a counter-intuitive truth: the worst of times for an economy as a whole can be the best of times for individual companies to create value.

more details at Financial Times ....

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