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Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

New terms of leadership metrics

James Slavet, from Greylock Partners suggests a new dimension in measurement:

Metric 1: Flow State Percentage
....Ideally programmers and other knowledge workers can spend 30% – 50% of their day in uninterrupted concentration. Most office environments don’t even come close..... 

Metric 2: The Anxiety-Boredom Continuum
...his goal was to keep all of his students in the pocket between boredom and anxiety – but closer to anxiety. In other words, we shouldn’t be so overwhelmed that we break down and give up, but we also shouldn’t be coasting either...

Metric 3: Meeting Promoter Score
...a one-hour meeting of six software engineers costs $1,000 at least. People who don’t have the authority to buy paperclips are allowed to call meetings every day that cost far more than that.... 

Metric 4: Compound Weekly Learning Rate
...he is one of the most relentless learners I know, and this quality is an essential element of his success and the success of his teams. So try asking your team this question: how did you get 1% better this week? 

Metric 5: Positive Feedback Ratio
---catch people doing good things. Never miss a chance to say something nice, even if you feel a little silly. Then when you have feedback on areas to improve, they‘ll really listen. It may be hard to manage to the 5:1 ratio at the office........

I suggest: just try it

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